Nedaak Secures CRIBE Funding!

Ne-Daa-Kii-Me-Naan Inc. will be deploying a drone for advanced forest data acquisition with support from CRIBE!
CRIBE supports and develops a sustainable, profitable provincial forest bio-economy. They bring together researchers, the forest sector, and end users to create and commercialize innovative forest-based, low-carbon solutions. Since 2009, CRIBE has deployed more than $30 million in innovation funding, built the thriving Nextfor collaboration network of bioeconomy stakeholders, and developed the ForestEDGE: the first-of-its-kind Forest Economic Development Geospatial Engine. They are an independent, not-for-profit corporation!
This CRIBE-funded project will enable Nedaak to deploy an easy-to-use mapping drone that delivers consistent, high-quality survey data faster, and at a lower cost, than other surveying tools, with less carbon emissions than traditional helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft surveying! This project is a result of Nextfor's Forest Technology Commercial Acceleration Program.
You can learn more about the project here ->