Ne-Daa-Kii-Me-Naan Inc. (Nedaak) is proud to be an Indigenous Forest Management Company with the capacity to provide advanced aerial solutions! We blend tradition with cutting-edge technology to enhance sustainable forestry practices.


Leverage our WingstraOne Gen2 drone equipped with the Sony RX1R II payload for detailed aerial imagery.

Monitor forest health, detect potential issues, and make informed decisions!


PIX4D Software: State-of-the art processing software for precise mapping. Generate Orthomosaics, Point Clouds, Volumes, 3D Models, DTM & DSM.


Why should you chose Nedaak for your Aerial Solution Needs?

  • Advanced Technology: Access cutting-edge drone technology tailored for Forest Management
  • Community Involvement: We support community development and empowerment, contributing to the well-being of local populations.
  • Indigenous Expertise: Benefit from our understanding of local landscapes and sustainable Forestry practices!